Insulated Concrete Form

ISORAST LEFKADA - Insulated Concrete Form

We construct using your co-operation from the first to the last detail, in the location of your choice; We can build your dream.


"Nick’s professionalism, commitment to quality, safety programs and schedule have had a very positive effect on our business. They have always provided the very highest quality workmanship and materials, and projects are completed in a timely manner."

Experienced, licensed Isorast builders in the west of Greece.
Economic and faster than traditional building which means it costs less.

Welcome to Isorast Lefkada

What is Isorast?

Isorast is an advanced ICF building system, the first of it's kind. The invention of the system started in 1968. Luxury or simple style, the Isorast building system is the right choice for the future. World champion in energy saving. Isorast 2000 is the first certified building system for passive house construction.

The insulation is effective in winter resulting in less heating expenses. Heat reflector in the hot summer months so less electricity consumption.
Freedom of the design of your property, large open spaces are now available as we move away from the traditional type of building which uses support beams.
There are over 60 different Isorast foam elements, a sophisticated floor-ceiling system, round blocks, acoustic blocks, lintel blocks, fire wall blocks etc. It gives you the ultimate building solution, far beyond any other ICF system on the market today.

  Our offered services are:

 :: construction of new residence
 :: construction of professional projects
 :: construction of specially used premises
 :: finding and purchase of land in the region of your preference and building construction
 :: renovation of your residence or professional projects